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Add: The junction of Xianggang Street and Tongsan freeway, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province 

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All production equipments have reached the international leading standards, and the annual machine warranty is one year.


Free installation and commissioning, free on-site training technicians, providing the most competitive production formula, free of charge for any problem within one hour.


Always at the forefront of the industry, producing high-performance, environmentally friendly, low-cost high-end equipment.


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Focus on the hardware business for 15 years, in-depth study of the industry trends and customer needs, continuous innovation, and continuous improvement.


Environmentally friendly, high performance,

high standard extrusion equipment


We have 15 years of production practice experience, so that our customers are always in an invincible position in the same industry.










Add: The junction of Xianggang Street and Tongsan freeway, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province


The upper and lower water pipes of solar water heaters are placed outdoors, which have long been subjected to the alternating cold and heat of winter cold waves and summer hot days
PP-R pipe equipment is mainly used in the production of residential water supply systems, industrial water transportation, compressed air transportation and so on. In the history of international pipe
The PE carbon spiral power communication buried casing is made of high-grade HDPE as the main material, and carbon fiber and PE modified color masterbatch are extruded. It is an ideal buried pipe for
The production line can continuously produce corrugated pipes such as PE, PP, EVA and PVC. The plastic single-wall corrugated pipe has the characteristics of high temperature resistance,
The plastic perforated water bellows device can continuously produce double-wall corrugated pipes, and perforate at the bottom of the corrugated wave, and has the advantages of high water permeability
SY-250 Cutter;Diameter of Cutting:Φ75-Φ250(mm);Power of Cutting Motor: 2.2kw



Characteristics of the plastic plate and the use of honey
Characteristics and uses of plastic honeycomb board characteristics and uses PC honeycomb panel is composed of two thin panel, firmly bonded sheet in one layer thick honeycomb core material made of bo
Standard pipe with plastic corrugated Prestressed Concrete Bridges
This standard specifies the classification of products, plastic bellows for prestressed concrete bridge the technical requirements, test method, inspection rules, marking,packaging, transportation and
The construction method of bridge on the bridge of bellows
The material storage and transportation requirements: 1. corrugated plastic pipe materials should be stored in a place away from heat and oil, outdoor stacking not directly stacked on the ground, have





Qingdao Cuishi Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd

is located in Qingdao Jiaozhou Jiaoxi Industrial Park, at the intersection of Hong Kong Street and the Tongsan Freeway, 30 kilometers from Qingdao International Airport, conveniently located. Covers 

20,000 square meters, construction area of over 7000 square meters. Our company has been established for over ten years, we have advanced technology, development capabilities and excellent management system, we develop new material and craftsmanship, produce all kinds of extrusion lines, the product is exported to Europe, CIS, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia , Oceania, Africa and many other countries and regions.


Qingdao Cuishi Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd has always been pioneering and innovative spirit, closely follow the 

development trend of the plastic machinery industry on the world, specializes in the production of various materials 

plastic pipe equipment, plastic honeycomb board equipment.

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