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The construction method of bridge on the bridge of bellows

The construction method of bridge on the bridge of bellows

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The material storage and transportation requirements:
1. corrugated plastic pipe materials should be stored in a place away from heat and oil, outdoor stacking not directly stacked on the ground, have
Construction of Bridge bellows on the bridge
Ⅰ.The material storage and transportation requirements:
1. corrugated plastic pipe materials should be stored in a place away from heat and oil, outdoor stacking not directly stacked on the ground, have a cover, to avoid exposure.
2. Do not fall storms and dragging on the ground to move, to prevent damage to the plastic bellows bellows during transport. When the presence of holes in the construction of corrugated plastic pipe line inspection, in order to avoid the presence of plasma leakage during grouting.
Ⅱ.The construction method
Bellows locate installation
Steel banding, we should pay attention to the bellows locate rebar installation. Fixed bellows using 8I grade steel, made into a "#" shaped and welded steel web positioning, spacing 1m every line segment set a spacer, every curve segment 0.5m spacing set up a spacer.
In strict accordance with the coordinates of the location of the bellows is designed to provide controlled properly before wearing bellows. After the installation is complete, check for straight, with or without bending and cracking phenomenon, there is a problem to be a timely manner. Minimize joint installation, joints should be used in the same bellows of a larger size. Length of 25cm ~ 33cm plastic corrugated pipe external. Then wrapped with tape at both ends of reality. When the length of more than 20m pipe exhaust pipe should be set. The adjusted bellows to be fixed firmly to prevent loosening. Tolerance plane pipeline location shall not exceed ± 5mm, not vertical than 5mm. Bellows installation supervision and quality control personnel are focused sampling process, and therefore lead to the construction workers are highly valued.
When installing anchor plate, grouting hole or vent position should be upward, to avoid clogging the slurry flows into the pores. Anchor near the concrete pad to enhance vibration, ensure dense
Installation and acceptance of the bellows immediately after passing the penetration is slightly smaller than the diameter of the PVC pipe bellows. Before the inner box mold in place, reinforced protective layer pads to lashing finished concrete beam in order to ensure the appearance of the uniform application of the protective layer pad concrete pad.
Ⅲ.The production of steel beams
1. prestressed high strength low relaxation prestressing strand, nominal diameter DN15.24mm, the cross-sectional area per A = 140mm², standard tensile strength Rm = 1860MPa, the elastic modulus of 1.95 × 10 ^ 5MPa.
2. Strand opened: the strand placed in a vertical steel plate made of the opening frame, the central portion of the disk head self-strand removed, except for using the wheel when sawing strand cutting. Under strand material and compiled bundle: a steel beam material shall be determined by calculating the length, calculated as follows: the ends Zhang pulled hole length = length +2 material steel beam passes (working anchor plate height + height + Limit jack tools anchor length + height + length for easy operation aside). After the completion of the next strand material, should be strictly steel beam number, steel beam head wrapped with medical tape. When the series first beam ends straighten, smooth, smooth after its period of consolidation, since some began to comb the other end to make it a smooth elastic consistency. When storing the strand should leave the ground 20cm ~ 30cm.
IV. Notes
1. The construction process of the steel beam to have someone care to check
2. ensure that the steel beam anchor end position accuracy, firm, strict inspection, identify problems in time.
3. steel beam construction process and will be prohibited during the period before the closure anchor strand arc cutting, to avoid affecting the quality of the project.
4. It should be noted accurately receiving seat embedded steel, guardrail anchor bars and other embedded parts.