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Standard pipe with plastic corrugated Prestressed Concrete Bridges

Standard pipe with plastic corrugated Prestressed Concrete Bridges

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This standard specifies the classification of products, plastic bellows for prestressed concrete bridge the technical requirements, test method, inspection rules, marking,packaging, transportation and
Standard pipe with plastic corrugated Prestressed Concrete Bridges
1 Scope
This standard specifies the classification of products, plastic bellows for prestressed concrete bridge the technical requirements, test method, inspection rules, marking,packaging, transportation and storage etc..
This standard applies to high density polyethylene resin (HDPE) or polypropylene(PP) as the main raw material, the prestressed concrete bridge hot melt extrusionmolding for plastic corrugated pipe.
2 normative references
The clauses in the following documents by the standard reference in the provisions of this standard. For dated references, subsequent amendments (excludingCorrigendum contents) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however,encourage the parties to reach an agreement on the basis of research on the new version of the standard of whether or not to use these files. Undated references, the latest edition is suitable for this standard.
The standard of environmental GB/T2918 plastic sample conditioning and test (IDTISO 291)
Measurement method of plastic pipe size GB/T8806 (EQV ISO 3126)
GB/T9647 thermoplastic pipes - Determination of ring stiffness
GB/T11116 high density polyethylene resin
GB/T14152 resistant thermoplastic plastic pipe external impact test method for performance of clockwise rotation method (EQV ISO 3127)
GB/T18742.1 polypropylene piping systems for hot and cold water first part: General(NEQ ISO/DIS 15874)
3 product classification, structure and model
3.1 classification
Plastic corrugated pipe according to the cross section shape can be divided intoround and flat two categories.
3.2 structure
The plastic corrugated pipe structure shown in Figure 1 and figure 2. Crest 4mm ~ 5mm, 30mm ~ 60mm wave distance.
Figure 1 circular plastic corrugated pipe Figure 2 flat plastic corrugated pipe
The model 3.3
Model representation:
Pipe category code: circular pipe codenamed Y codename B flat pipe.
Pipe diameter: circular pipe is expressed in D flat tube with the long axis U1 representation.
Example 1: diameter of circular corrugated plastic pipe of 50mm type: SBG-50Y.
Example 2: the direction of the long axis diameter flat plastic corrugated pipe of 41mmtype: SBG-41B.
The 4 series product specifications and size deviation
Circular plastic corrugated pipe
Circular plastic corrugated pipe specifications are seen in table 1.
The length of the specifications of circular plastic corrugated pipe is generally 6, 8,10m, 0 ~ +10mm bias.
Table 1 circular plastic corrugated pipe specifications
Flat plastic corrugated pipe
Flat plastic corrugated pipe specifications are seen in table 2.
Table 2 flat plastic corrugated pipe specifications
Plastic corrugated pipe material should be used original granular materials, prohibited the use of powder and granulating particulate material. High density polyethylene(HDPE) shall meet the requirements of GB/T11116, polypropylene (PP) shall meet the requirements of GB/T18742.1.
5.2 the appearance
Plastic corrugated pipe appearance should be smooth, uniform color, internal and external wall does not allow septal rupture, bubbles, cracks, lumps and affect the use of scratch.
5.3 ring steel stiffness
Plastic corrugated pipe ring stiffness should be not less than 6kN/m2.
5.4 local lateral load
Plastic corrugated pipe under local transverse loads, the surface of the tube should not be broken; unloading 5min pipe residual deformation amount shall not exceed10% of the outer diameter of the pipe.
5.5 flexibility
According to the method of bending the provisions of repeated bending five plastic corrugated pipe, special gauge can smoothly from the plastic corrugated pipe through, then the plastic corrugated pipe passing flexibility.
5.6 impact resistance
Plastic corrugated pipe low temperature drop hammer impact test of the true impact TIR the maximum allowed value is 10%.
6 test methods
6.1 test environment
The test environment according to specified in GB/T 2918, at room temperature for(23 + 2) C.
6.2 test specimens
The specimens should be regulated according to the state above 24h test environment before the experiment.
6.3 the appearance
Direct observation with the naked eye, wall can use light to look after.
6.4 dimensional measurement
The inner diameter and wall thickness of plastic corrugated pipe according to theprovisions of GB/T 8806 measurement.
6.5 out of roundness
According to the provisions of GB/T 8806, along the direction of maximum diameter of plastic corrugated pipe with a cross section measurements and the minimum diameterpipe, according to the company's (1) calculation of pipe roundness value delta D.
In the formula:
Dmax - the maximum outer diameter, mm;
Dmin - the minimum outside diameter, mm;
As the roundness of the test results of five specimens from the arithmetic average.
6.6 ring stiffness
The 6.6.1 sample
From the five pipes each take a long (300 + 10) mm sample period, ends shall be the vertical axis and cutting.
6.6.2 test method
According to the GB/T 9647, the upper pressing plate a drop speed is (5 + 1) mm/min,when the sample perpendicular to the direction of the deformation of the internal diameter of the inner diameter of the amount of the original 3%, record the sample byload.