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Characteristics of the plastic plate and the use of honey

Characteristics of the plastic plate and the use of honey

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Characteristics and uses of plastic honeycomb board characteristics and uses PC honeycomb panel is composed of two thin panel, firmly bonded sheet in one layer thick honeycomb core material made of bo
Characteristics and uses of plastic honeycomb board characteristics and uses
PC honeycomb panel is composed of two thin panel, firmly bonded sheet in one layer thick honeycomb core material made of both sides, also known as honeycomb sandwich structure.
The main characteristics of PC honeycomb panel products is: good permeability, can greatly reduce the air flow resistance when, reducing air flow noise, and a low temperature in wet state is clogged with frost, ensures even distribution of the cool air and to reach a farther distance. Due to the characteristics of the material, cellular uniform, smooth wall, clean, smooth surface of the product, non-toxic, it is widely used in refrigeration fields. Second, because of light weight, high strength, with a variety of different materials perfect composite panel, for example: acrylic, pvc, stone, wood, metal, etc. After its wider use in combination, can be used as beautify boxes, home and office environment decoration (partition, floor, roof, platform, etc.), but also as external walls and so on.
Specific purposes:
1.office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment centers and utilities ceiling lighting
2. highways, urban viaduct road noise barriers
3. agricultural greenhouse, flower greenhouse and indoor swimming sky
4. subway entrances, railway stations, car parks, shopping centers, shelters, rest rooms, corridors and other canopy
5. Bank security counter, jewelry store theft window, police-proof shield
6. advertising light boxes, bus station panel, advertising display cards
7. office, furniture, interior partitions, walkways, fence, balcony, shower room.