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Solar insulation pipe production line
Product Name:

Solar insulation pipe production line

The upper and lower water pipes of solar water heaters are placed outdoors, which have long been subjected to the alternating cold and heat of winter cold waves and summer hot days, which have high requirements for tightness and stability. Our company has developed special pipes for solar hot water pipes for the particularity of solar water heater pipes. Compared with the traditional pipeline, the four layers of “water pipe, heating cable, insulation layer and protective layer” are co-extruded and formed without joints, the outer coating is not broken, and the transverse direction is free from bursting. It is the most practical solar water heater insulation antifreeze tube on the market, which can realize the use of solar energy all the year round, and has epoch-making significance in the field of solar energy. Product structure and performance are as follows:
1. Inner pipe (water pipe): PE-X pipe is used. Has no rust, no scaling, non-toxic and tasteless (in accordance with drinking water hygiene standards); good temperature resistance (adapted temperature range of -40 ° C - +105 ° C); solid and flexible (flexible, easy to disk Tube); high compressive strength (output pressure is 1.25MPA); easy to install (use special pipe fittings, quick and convenient installation, safe and reliable).
2. The insulation layer is a low-density high-pressure polyethylene material, which adopts a physical foaming process. The thickness of the insulation layer can be adjusted according to the degree of coldness in the area. It has low thermal conductivity (≤0.003), high compressive strength (cell does not collapse, no cracking), good internal and external bonding (intimately combined with the protective layer inside and outside the water pipe), no water seepage, airtight insulation effect Good and so on.
3. The outer protective layer is EVA material. The main performance is to make it tightly combined with the foam insulation layer without peeling; good weather resistance, soft and not brittle; anti-aging, anti-UV (400um no effect) long service life (normal use of pipe protection for 10 years) and so on.
4. With the heating cable, the carbon fiber heating element is preset on the basis of the common antifreeze type. Use in areas below minus 20 degrees to ensure that the water pipes do not freeze or crack. The pipe is not required to be treated with anti-freeze pipe, no need to use tape, and the installation is convenient, and the pipe can be used only after the pipe is connected. Wide range of applications, mainly used for: (1) indoor and outdoor water supply pipes, hot water pipes, pure water delivery pipes. (2) Liquid food delivery pipelines in food. (3) Central air conditioning duct system and ground radiant heating system for solar water heater system.
1. Water pipe: The inner pipe adopts PE-X or ppr pipe, adopts vacuum setting, the pipe internal stress is small, anti-freeze, non-toxic, tasteless, the maximum conveying pressure is 1.25Mpa, in line with national drinking water standards, applicable environment - 70 °C - 105 ° C.
2. The insulation layer is foamed with medium-density closed-cell foam, the cells are honeycomb-shaped, and the gas in the cells is not turbulent, and has good thermal insulation performance (thermal conductivity is below 0.034). The foam of the insulation layer is not easy to collapse, and there is a crust layer between the foam layer and the water pipe, which ensures that the water pipe and the insulation layer are not loosened for a long time, and the foam does not seep.
3. The outer protective layer is a communication grade cable material. It is bonded to the thermal insulation layer by high temperature heat sealing. It is not cracked or peeled off. It has strong anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet properties, and can be used outdoors for more than 20 years.
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